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Catalogus Modulair systeem 8000:

522.HM8021-4Hameg HM8021-4 1.6 GHz Universal Counter
Hameg HM8021-4 1.6 GHz Universal Counter Measurement range from 0 Hz to 1.6 GHz 10 MHz time base with 1ppm stability (TCXO) Input A: Input impedance 1 MO, max. sensitivity 20mVrms Input C: Input impedance 50 O, max. sensitivity 30mVrms Time interval resolution up to 10 ps External Gate input (with Option HO801) Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
€ 378,00 excl. BTW
(€ 457,38  incl. 21% BTW)

522.HM8030-6Hameg HM8030-6 10 MHz functiegenerator
Hameg HM8030-6 10 MHz functiegenerator Frequency range 50 mHz to 10 MHz, output voltage up to 20 Vpp (open circuit) Waveforms: sine wave, triangle, square wave, pulse, DC Distortion factor 0.5 % up to 1 MHz, rise and fall time typ. 15 ns Internal and external sweep, FM (with HO801)) Surge- and short-circuit-proof output Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
€ 348,00 excl. BTW
(€ 421,08  incl. 21% BTW)

523.HM8012Hameg HM8012 4-Digit Programmable Multimeter
Hameg HM8012 4-Digit Programmable Multimeter 4 - digit display with 50,000 counts Basic accuracy 0.05% Max. Resolution: 10 V, 0.01 dBm, 10 nA, 10 mO, 0.1 C/F Offset function / relative value measurement RS-232 interface and software included Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
€ 438,00 excl. BTW
(€ 529,98  incl. 21% BTW)

523.HM8040-3Hameg HM8040-3 Triple Power Supply Unit
Hameg HM8040-3 Triple Power Supply Unit Triple Power Supply Unit 2x 020 V/0.5 A - 1x 5 V/1 A 3-digit switchable displays (Display resolution 0.1 V/1 mA) Pushbutton for activating/deactivating all outputs Adjustable current limiting and electronic fuse Low residual ripple and low noise Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
€ 288,00 excl. BTW
(€ 348,48  incl. 21% BTW)

527.HM8018Hameg HM8018 LCR Bridge
Hameg HM8018 LCR Bridge Measurement functions: L, C, R, T, D, |Z| Basic accuracy 0.2% 5 measurement frequencies: 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, 25 kHz Max. Resolution: 0.001 O, 0.001 pF, 0.01 H 2- and 4-wire measurement, parallel and series mode Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
€ 418,00 excl. BTW
(€ 505,78  incl. 21% BTW)

529.HM800Hameg HM800 Blank Module
HM800 Blank Module Module for customized instrument construction - Guide rails for mounting circuit boards at 4 different levels - Plastic front panel for easy processing - Power is supplied by the mainframe - Available supply voltages: see datasheet of HM8001-2 - Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
€ 48,00 excl. BTW
(€ 58,08  incl. 21% BTW)

529.HM8001-2Hameg HM8001-2 Mainframe
Hameg HM8001-2 Mainframe Basic unit for modules from the Modular System Series 8000 Power supply for two modules DC voltages electronically regulated, floating and short-circuit proof Power transformer with thermal fuse Up to 5 mainframes can be stacked Module HM800 for customized instrument construction available 4 BNC connectors on the rear panel of the HM8001-2 (Option HO801) provide for signal transmission to and from HM8021-4 and HM8030-6 modules
€ 258,00 excl. BTW
(€ 312,18  incl. 21% BTW)

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